Aims and Goals of the Conference

In recent years, Multimedia Communications, Services and Security have been contributing extensively to our life experience and are expected to be among the most important applications in the future. The objective of the Multimedia Communications, Services & Security (MCSS'15) conference is to present research and developing activities contributing to aspects of multimedia communications, systems and security. We are inviting both theoretical and experimental papers as well as work-in-progress research. The main topics of interest are as follows:
  1. Acquisition of multimedia content and QoE management in content distribution networks
  2. Audio-visual systems including novel multimedia architectures and SOMA
  3. Biometric applications
  4. Content-based Multimedia Information Retrieval
  5. Cryptography and data protection, including quantum cryptography
  6. Cybercrime – threats, counteracting and computer forensics
  7. Ethical issues and law aspects in video surveillance, Internet monitoring, security research
  8. Evaluation of security features in end-user applications
  9. Intelligent monitoring of objects and areas, recognition with automatic categorization
  10. Intelligent searching of multimedia content
  11. Intelligent urban environment observation systems including safety monitoring and evacuation
  12. Interactive multimedia applications
  13. Modern computing methods for multimedia systems and authentication of multimedia content
  14. Multimedia and data fusion in personal, sensor, p2p and ad-hoc networks
  15. Multimedia efficient, scalable and robust delivery
  16. Multimedia surveillance and compound security, object tracking and threat detection
  17. Network measurement, monitoring and performance evaluation of multimedia services
  18. Parallel processing of audio & video, video processing through cloud computing, video transcoding
  19. Privacy protection
  20. Reliability, availability, serviceability of multimedia services
  21. Safety and security of critical infrastructures
  22. Seamless mobility of multimedia services including mobile and wireless access networks
  23. Searching methods, search engines and applications
  24. Security in trusted SCADA and smart-grids
  25. Semantic description of multimedia data and metadata information systems
  26. Tools and infrastructure for extraction, fusion, exchange and analysis of big data including cyber-offenses generated data for forensic investigation
  27. Watermarking technology and applications